Monday, January 7, 2013

The Unexpected Haircut

Two days before I was suppose to go to a wedding, I decided I desperately needed to get my hair cut. I had split ends all over and it was just at an awkward phase. My hairstylist was booked up so I chose to go get a trim from someone else. I took a picture before just because and now I'm glad that I did.
My before picture. (Look how long my hair is!)

This is the after picture. I told her to trim it up and add a little volume. She started off great and was super sweet! I think by the end of it all, she cut off a good 4 or 5 inches. I really do like it now but I almost freaked out when I started feeling just how much she cut off. I think it turned out cute (thank goodness) and it does take much less time to fix. I did learn to always go to my own hairdresser though. Oh well, hair grows back and lesson learned!


  1. Oh my word!!! That would make me SO mad! And is one reason why I never cut my hair!! lol. At least it will grow back!

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  2. I like my hair to be long too! I haven't found a good hairstylist here in Kentucky yet though. I have learned to never go to a chain (like Super Cuts) they aren't worth it!