Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Updates to the Modern World, Broken Cars, and New Beginnings

First off, I FINALLY HAVE HIGHSPEED INTERNET! After years of being behind in technology, I think I may have kinda caught up, at least for now. Who knows, maybe I'll update to a new phone soon. It would be nice to not have a hand me down phone for once in my life. Haha.

Well my car has been giving me hissy fits lately. The poor thing is getting up there in years and miles. I feel like Dad is always having to do something to it. Her thing right now is occasionally not wanting to start and then trying to die at random times while I'm driving. Not the most conveinient thing. I speak as though my car is a person because I named it. Haha. Black Betty is the name of my Blazer. Makes sense to me that it's a suitable name for a black mini SUV. I'm rather fond of it despite the flaws. Hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong and get it fixed. I'm praying so!

Camp Rock Creek was fantastic as always! This was probably one of the best years yet. Reghan and I were counselors in Girls Cabin 4 with most of our girls from last year. You can only imagine how excited we were. They were so awesome that really, they pretty much didn't need us. They were always looking to serve, latched onto each other, and were always on time, if not several minutes early to everything. We would love to be able to be with them again next year, so we will be hoping! It was in the 100's all week and with sweating and walking everywhere, I lost some pounds and obtained pretty good leg muscles. Haha. Camp was exactly what I needed to get back on my feet. Honest I'd been in a on and off slump for the past year, and I certainly needed a boost. I was able to get closure on a few parts of my life and reconnect with God. I realized things that I hadn't before. I loved everything about the week. How the girls had me laughing all the time, Reghan and I's late night talks, being able to make connections with people, worship, food, everything! I can never see myself not going to Rock Creek. That's where I grew up and it's a huge part of my life. You always take something with you from Rock Creek and this year, I walked away with a new beginning.


  1. Hi Kora! Found you from a comment on Josiah's blog. :) Just wanted to say, yeah God sure is good to give us just what we need. Glad camp was such a good experience for you. I also wanted to say - in regards to your first post - Jane Austen is a genius. Undeniably. :) Have a great day!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes she certainly is an absolute genius :)