Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stale Cereal and Quality Friend Time

So the other morning I woke up and decided I would open my box of Reese's Puffs cereal. I was getting so excited as I poured the milk in the bowl and sat down to eat it. It'd been forever since I had some! I take a bite and, "What?!" Yes you guessed it, the cereal was stale and past the expiration date. I was so beyond disappointed and upset! I was really looking forward to eating that chocolaty goodness. So I am making it a point from now on to check the expiration dates on my food products, especially my cereal.

I have been house-sitting this week and spending some quality time with one of my best friends, Reghan. Sure beats turning into a crazy cat woman. I was honestly starting to have conversations with them. The two of us girls have been talking and laughing about everything.  To me, our time is always like therapy. That's when you know you have a fantastic best friend. We have also been spending some time up at Camp Genesis and were pretty much convinced to come back next year as counselors. Needless to say, I'm getting fairly excited about it. I live for church camps every summer. I couldn't imagine not going every summer. Last year we were counselors for the first time at Rock Creek. It was such a fun experience. After growing up there, how could we not come back as counselors? The girls in our cabin were great and we are hoping that we get to be with them again this year. Can't believe it's only a few weeks away! Guess I should start planning? Off to start writing out a list!

Until next type!


  1. well i have to say i know that pain all to well lol but i have to know did you power through the stale taste or pour it out? and as far as the friends thing is concerned i could not agree more. in fact iam just dying to back home so i can hang with alot of my friends and family again. i miss the quality time and the way no matter what i still have them.

    P.S. You had REESE'S for breakfast!?!?!?!

  2. Oh my gosh, Nathan. Brilliant! You are definitely missed!

  3. I actually poured it out. I wasn't gutsy enough to keep eating it! And yes, brilliant as always Nathan. Haha.