Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Thankful Season

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Can you believe it?? I love this time of year. I love fall and all the thankful, cozy vibes it brings. It is, quite possibly, my favorite season. Every November, Facebook is loaded with people posting what they're thankful for. I know some find it kind of annoying but I love it! It makes me happy to see people counting their many blessings. I have not done it this year but have in a few years past. I decided it would be a good post to list some of them. So here we go;

1. I'm so very thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without him, I would not have the amazing life that I do. It may be a mess sometimes, but it is something beautiful. I could never be perfect on my own but I have been made perfect through his love and sacrifice. And for that, I am extremely blessed and eternally grateful.

2. I'm thankful for my dynamic family. I have some amazing parents and little brothers. My Dad is Mr. Fix-Anything and has always been there to lend a helping hand. He does so much to provide for my family. My Mom is such a sweet woman with a heart of gold. She always is doing something kind and loving us kids unconditionally. My three younger brothers are all different in their own ways. They're ornery for sure, but care so much for everyone they meet. They are all pretty hilarious too and will keep us rolling on the floor for a lifetime to come. My new sister-in-law gets added to this list too. She is such a kind soul. I'm so glad that I get to call her a sister and a friend. I dearly love each member of my family.

3. I'm thankful for my amazing best friends. Reghan (reghanland), Helen, (blueeyedbeautyblogg), and Alyssa have been my corner stones of a lifetime. No matter what, I will always have that special bond with each of them. They are my confidants, my adversaries, and my sisters by heart. Any time I get together with one of them, it is a wonderful time filled with laughter and encouragement. Life would be so dull without them! They are such treasures. (I'm so thankful for every friend that I have been blessed with.)

4. I'm thankful for coffee. I'm finally getting over my addiction to where I'll drink usually one cup a day instead of three..

5. I'm thankful for my creative talents. I am all about crafts and the sense of accomplishment I get when I bring new purpose to something. I have also begun to really appreciate my cake decorating abilities and the artwork that it is. It's a lot more time and effort consuming than you'd think.

6. I'm thankful for the cool fall days (although it's been a little frigid lately). Like I said, this time of year is one of my favorites. Snuggling up with a blanket and a good book is so cozy when it's like this.

7. I'm thankful for baking and cooking. I like love food.. even though it will make you fat.

8. I'm thankful for my future husband and family. I often day dream about what they will look like and it is something quite spectacular. I'm definitely excited about that part of my life.

9. I'm thankful for my job. I get to spend time playing with three pretty great kiddos during the week. I mean come on. Who wouldn't love to do that? They are each a little light brightening up my days. I love getting to be a part of their lives.

10. I'm thankful for my career. I get to help ladies and couples make one of the most memorable days of their life, special. I've done just about every job in the book pertaining to weddings; Decorator, cake decorator, hair stylist, florist, make-up artist, nail technician, seamstress, caterer, chauffeur, bridesmaid, etc, etc. I love every little detail that I get to pour my heart into with my career. It's pretty stinkin' cool.

11. I'm thankful for fashion. I enjoy getting to express myself through clothes and accessories. A girl likes to get dolled up and feel pretty! Cozy sweaters and shoes are the best.

12. I'm thankful for music. There are so very many talented musicians out there that produce amazing lyrics. They've been blessed with that gift. I'm just glad I get to butcher those songs when I sing them.

13. I'm thankful for my pets. Of course, you already assumed that this would be on my list. I'm crazy in love with my furry companions. Cat lady forever. Animal lady forever.

14. I'm thankful for do-good-ers. Nothing warms my heart more than to see someone serving a stranger. Whether it's an action or a smile, there needs to be more kind people out there. I know I always get a warmth in my soul when I help someone out.

15. I'm thankful for all my worldly possessions. This might seem a bit odd to state but it's true. God has blessed me immensely with everything from clothes and a car, to a roof over my head. It's all temporary and none of it will last forever but they are commodities that I have been fortunate enough to be given. I want to share everything with those that need it, to pass these blessings forward.

16. I'm thankful for a voice. I get to speak and be heard (most of the time anyway). I can make a difference in a world that is ever changing. To share my ideas and encourage others on in life. Sometimes I think there's people that would like me to just shut-up (Haha!). Oh well. :)

17. I'm thankful for flannel sheets. What? If you haven't slept in flannel sheets, you haven't lived. Mom bought me some just because and they are so fuzzy warm. Trust me, there is a reason that they get their own thankful number.

18. I'm thankful for second chances and forgiveness. These keys applies to faith, relationships, and life in general. I have received those and I have given them. If you live willing to give these without conditions, you will have a much fuller life. This has been a very prominent lesson in my life lately. I am rebuilding a relationship because of giving a second chance/forgiveness to someone recently and I have been so very blessed. Maybe someday I'll write a post about it.

19. I'm thankful for sleep. Which, is something I should be doing right now. I'm a sleep hog and can never seem to get enough of it. I don't dream that often so honestly, my sleep is just plain ol' boring.

20. In general, I'm thankful for this life I have. I could go for forever with this whole thing but at some point, I have to put a cap on it. I hope to live each day to the fullest and love without ceasing. I am so extremely blessed with this life I've been given. I don't want to ever waste it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I always do. We spend time hanging out with family all day and stuffing our faces with delicious food. It's pretty much the best thing ever. I can't wait!

Stay thankful!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Music Monday, I Can't Complain by Relient K

Relient K has been one of my favorite bands since they started, what seems like, forever ago. There has been some mixed reviews on their new album but I love it, just like any other album they have released. The song "I Can't Complain" has quickly become one of my favorites. It has a laid back tune to match laid back lyrics. It's a reminder for me to just chill out and enjoy life as it comes. To pick the good out of any and every situation. "Every day is too short to let it go to waste." I hear ya Relient K. Take the blessings as they come.
On a "blessings" related note, my kitty was found as of Sunday morning! Sylvester was missing for over three weeks and I had started loosing all hope that I would ever see him again. I spent the night in OKC with Reghan on Saturday night and headed home Sunday morning before weather conditions started getting too bad. When I braked at a four-way stop about two miles away from my house, I happened to see a black and white cat walking down the road across from me. I drove over to look out of curiosity, and sure enough, it was my fur-ball! I hopped out of my car to call for him and he ran over to me, making a meowing/crying sound. I picked him up and started balling. It's horribly pitiful, I know, but that's my baby. He was on the other side of the river and I guess had wandered far enough that he couldn't find his way back. Poor thing. I'm super happy that he's home safe and sound! It's a miracle to me. Hopefully he's learned a lesson and won't ever wander so far again.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday, Words by Hawk Nelson (plus a thought and story)

This song has been playing in my head so often lately. I catch myself singing it at least once a day and I can't blame myself because, well, it's super catchy. But even more so than that, there is such a deep meaning behind the lyrics. How many words do we say each day? It is estimated (by that women say an average of 20,000 words a day and a man says approximately 7,000. Crazy, right? Girls are obviously pretty chatty. But how many of those words are positive? Or even.. negative? This past week I didn't have a ton of positive things to say. It seemed like it was one thing after another bringing me down. Some of those depressing and hurtful moments were from things people had said to me. It's amazing what words (and actions) can do to a heart. I'm trying to work on that part of myself. Using only encouraging words to anyone I might come in contact with throughout my day. It's probably all something we could work on. I hope that this song touches your heart like it does mine.
On a side note, I've actually met Hawk Nelson before. We go to a concert called WinterJam every year in OKC. The year they preformed (like 4 or 5 years ago), I stayed afterwards to stand in line so I could meet them and get my shirt signed. I began talking to one band member when I started working my way down the table and ended up standing off to the side at the end of it. Just so we could finish talking about random stuff. Mostly, that the weather in Oklahoma was bi-polar. So many girls passed by with astonished looks because, golly, he was super cute and I was super lucky. My friend Alyssa and I giggled about it afterwards for quite a while. He probably doesn't remember it but I sure do. I had a major crush on that boy-band cutie. Anyways, that's just a fun little tid-bit about a memory I have from my teen years.
Have a blessed week and be encouraging with your words!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Be Nice. Don't be a Heifer.

Remember my previous post? Well, my long week continued. I dropped my phone in a solo cup of iced tea. I was rather clumsy and now it will not work. At least I still had my old crummy android that I am now using. Oh well. It happens I guess. That's what I get for being a tea addict.

On to my main topic for this post. I work at a lovely little restaurant on Fridays. The owners are the sweetest people ever and it is truly a joy working for them. During my short time of working with them, I've never encountered any really rude customers. Today however.. I did. Two doctors came in. One I recognized from a few other visits and is very sweet. The other I had not seen before but I will certainly remember her now. I seated them and asked what they wanted. They ordered a hot tea and two orders of scones. I went to the back to tell the order to the chef and was informed that we had just run out of scones. We had a big order call in so the last four orders were sent to go. I went back to inform the ladies that we were out of scones. Well, Nice Doctor had gone to the restroom so it was just the other sitting at the table. I inform her, "Ma'am I am so sorry but we had a to go order that just cleaned us out of all of our scones.." Before I could get out anything else, she slams her hands on the table! Silverware somewhat flies up in the air and everything on the table rattles. It was not quiet at all, especially in a small space. Three other groups were currently present. Rude Doctor continues to make a scene by raising her voice, "I cannot BELIEVE you don't have any scones and it's the middle of the day! I just can not believe this. That is THE ONLY reason I come here. So I can have tea and scones. And now it's not worth my time!" I manage to get in, "I am so sorry. Would you like me to see if we can find an alternative?" Rude Doctor, "No! There is no alternative to scones. I just can not believe this. I don't even want to stay now!" (I'm thinking, yes, please do leave). She was rubbing her forehead and shaking the whole time. Just raising her voice and making it seem like we were the worst possible people on the planet. She gets up to storm out and by this point, Nice Doctor has shown up. They meet my boss at the door and Rude Doctor proceeds to chew her out. Yelling and making yet ANOTHER scene. I guarantee that she's actually three by the way she's throwing tantrums. She was super rude to my boss who is just the sweetest, most understanding lady ever. By this point, our other customers are just floored and whispering about this crazy lady that is just making a fool of herself. I have tears forming by now and am trying to take care of our other customers without balling in front of them. The doctors? They end up staying after Nice Doctor apologizes and Rude Doctor calms down. I then have to go take their orders and they wanted a lot of specifics and substitutes, etc. I get back to the kitchen and start telling my boss what they want to eat, but I start tearing up.. again. She asks, "Were they rude to you??" in the most concerned voice.. I break down, balling like a baby. It was really embarrassing. She frets over me and tells me to take a seat for a bit. Just a side note to anyone that doesn't know me, I'm a very tender-hearted person. Someone being upset with me just rips me apart. Bless my dear boss because she said that she would wait on their table so that I wouldn't have to. That made things much easier! I composed myself and went on to take care of the other customers. Thank goodness that they were all so sweet and understanding. This one lady (who I'm pretty sure was actually Reba McEntire's twin. No joke, she sounded just like her and looked really similar but with bleach blonde hair.) told me that I did a wonderful job and how much they enjoyed everything. After everyone cleared out and the doctors left satisfied, my boss was talking to one of her friends that had come in to chat for a bit. She explained what had happened and that she could not believe how that woman had acted. My boss said, "She was just a rude heifer!" Knowing my sophisticated boss, I busted up laughing over her saying it. We all laughed for quite awhile over the situation and that lightened my heart greatly. Geez life gets crazy! Laugh about it.

I was able to get quite a bit of positives out of this week though. I got a great shirt in the mail. It says, "I just want to drink coffee, make stuff, and sleep." BEST. SHIRT. EVER! I seriously think that this shirt was made for me. That's what my dreams are made of. The whole iced tea phone? I was given an iPhone 4 today. BIG whoop!! I can't wait to get everything uploaded to it. Reghan and I went to Tres Catina in Norman to watch my cousin play on Thursday night. It was a really nice and much needed girl's night out. She's the coolest. Tonight (Friday), I hung out with my "ex" for quite awhile. He's become such a great friend and I really appreciate him. We ate at buffalo wild wings, shopped for candy, went to see the new Thor, and played a few rounds of pool. I'm so thankful for all the loving and awesome friends that I have to encourage me on a daily basis. I would be a mess without them!

Just a reminder, be nice to everyone around you. No one likes being the victim of meanness. Don't be a "heifer."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sometimes.. Well Ya Know... Life

The past week (or a little over) has been filled with a ton of positive things. My brother got married to a super sweet girl, who I am proud to call my sister-in-law. I was a bridesmaid, make-up artist, nail lady, cake maker, decorater, hair stylist, florist, and crafty fool for their wedding.  I went as a sponsor on a youth retreat with our teens at church. That was so refreshing and inspiring! I went to yet another wedding, which I also did cupcakes and a mini wedding cake for. I hung out with my super adorable kids. Did (and am still doing so) research for a business opportunity. Took a few naps. Shopped, and several other things that I'm sure I am forgetting..

So why am I struggling with feeling blue??

Things happen, I know, but there was also a fair share of not so great things happened this past week. I was super stressed. I got virtually no sleep what-so-ever. I had severe headaches. I ate way too many sweets and I'm sure gained weight. I took myself out to eat..alone..twice. I rolled my ankle or may have even sprained it. I stepped in a hole, felt it slide out of socket, and heard it crack. The swelling and bruising has taken over my foot. It honestly just looks gross. That's what happens when you have a weak ankle I guess. It's already been sprained twice so I shouldn't be surprised that it has happened again. Ha.
My brother moved away. As if I didn't get to see him much as is, now I feel like I never will. My brother and I have always been really close. We would stay up way too late talking about anything and everything. Several people have thought we are twins on random occasions, and in some ways, we are a lot alike. He's one of my very best friends. Before summer started, he got a decent job and moved out. I have not been able to see him much since then. I know it's all part of growing up, but my heart still breaks over it. When most of my other friends moved away, I had him. We did stuff. We had the best times ever. Now he has moved and there is just as much distance between. I don't say all this to make you think he's abandoned me. He hasn't. He's still awesome and we talk when we can but I just miss him. Like a lot.
On another subject of missing, my dear sweet kitty Sylvester, is missing. He has been gone for over a week and there is no sign of him anywhere. I have spent time after time driving around, looking and yelling for him. I don't want to give up searching, but it is starting to seem hopeless. Sylvester is my baby. He has been the warmth in my heart. We would snuggle. We would play. We would go on car rides. He followed me everywhere. Sylvester is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Long black and white fur portioned to perfection. Light green eyes that look straight into your soul. I know that I sound like a crazy cat lady. That's okay by me.. because I am. I'm crazy about MY cat. The fact that I might never see him again, breaks my heart like nothing else. My horrible break up a few years ago? Yeah it comes pretty dang close to that. I cry about Sylvester being gone, every day. I miss him a whole freaking lot. If he was present, he would sense my hurt. He always did when I was feeling down and would snuggle up under my chin, purring.

I can only wish for the best and that I'll find him. But a big part of me is just devastated.

I'm feeling down because of a lot of this and other little things here and there. I know pain doesn't last forever and God is getting me through it. I keep telling myself that rough patches happen. I've had my fair share of them for sure. I just have to keep praying and holding onto the Lord. He will never fail me even when life and circumstances do.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday, Let Her Go by Passenger

I love this song! The melody is so catchy and I cannot stop singing it. I think it is just stuck on replay in my mind. If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out! I hope that you enjoy this week's Music Monday as much as I do.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Monday, 1,000 Years by Christina Perri

So my Brother got married on Saturday and his beautiful bride walked down the isle to this song. It's kind of been their song from the beginning. It's so beautiful so I thought I'd share, even though I'm sure it's been listened to before. Hope everyone has a great week!