Monday, January 14, 2013

My Goals and Dreams For 2013

New Year's Resolutions seemed to have been made, just to be broken. I know I tend to make them, only to follow through with maaaybe half of them. So this year I'm changing it up. I'm not calling them resolutions, they are my goals and dreams for this year. I really feel like I have a new beginning and renewed ambition. Two years ago I hit a really rough patch. I was super depressed and my heart was cut deep. I honestly didn't know if I would ever make it through. The first part of this last one was hard but it gradually started getting better as it went on. Now it's 2013 and I'm ready to conquer the world! I've been dwelling on what my dreams were for this year and I think I've finally collected them all enough to write them down. So here they are in no particular order;
1. Live a healthier lifestyle over all. This includes exercising, eating better, and just making better choices overall. I'm determined!
2. Color me rad 5k. I have seen a few people do it and it looks so fun! It's not so much about the running and more about the throwing colors at people. I have to do it!
3. Going along with number two, I want to be more spontaneous. Try new things. I've always been a shy person (like really REALLY shy). This includes activities, foods, etc. But don't expect me to jump out of an airplane or do karaoke.
4. Go to a Thunder game. I will be going to one at the end of this month thanks to my darling little girl that I take care of and her sweet mom. I can't wait! I have been mulling over my outfit since they told me.
5. Go on some random short road trips. I am also hoping to be able to go visit my Aunt and Uncle in Seattle later this year, fingers crossed!
6. Dive into ministry at my Church. During that first rough year, I really strayed away from working in my church's ministries. I've been trying to jump back in full swing. Along with reading my Bible everyday. I tend to forget to do this and that's not acceptable.
7. Go on a mission trip. I'm really shooting for Honduras on this one. I went a few years ago and I have been pulled towards going back since.
8. Say "I Love You" more to my family and friends. We have no clue how long we're going to be here so I want them to know that at all times.
9. Get a record player. This may seem a little odd but I have developed a LOVE for records. I picked up Bill Cosby and Beatles records at a thrift store the other day for only 99 cents!!
10. I want to dive head-first into blogging. I want to become an avid blogger. I know that I have tons of potential to do so. :)
11. Spend more time with my family and friends. I'm around my family a lot but I want to spend more QUALITY time with them. And the same goes for my friends.
12. Go to an OU game. I have wanted to do this for forever! As soon as I feel I have the money to, I'll be going.
13. Support more local businesses, artists, and musicians. I would much rather do this than buy mass produced products that don't have the love and quality in them.
14. Do at least 1 or 2 secret good deeds a week. Whether it's giving a homeless person food or writing an encouraging note to someone and leaving it unsigned. It makes me happy to do stuff like this!
15. Just be an over-all good person. Step up and out of my way to do things for others. And do positive things for myself on the side of that. We're all works in progress, right?
Well that's all that I've come up with for now. I hope this has inspired you! I will be following through with these goals and dreams during this year. I'm very excited about it!


  1. Kora,
    I love it, I will be an avid reader of your blog. I also hope to be blogging on a regular basis soon. I've been told to do one by few people for awhile but each time I've tried it has started out strong and seems to die quite quickly. Maybe your inspiration will help push me to keep up with it and in turn I might help you keep up the amazing job your already doing.

    On another note, I think your goals are awesome. I have been thinking, seems like I was forced to by recent events, about my future and such. Still haven't really found a direction yet but maybe actually writing about it might help me find a direction to look or head.

    Your an Inspiration sent from God,
    Thank You

    1. Thanks so much Kane! You are so sweet and I'm so blessed to have you as a friend. Love ya!