Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh my! Summer Update Time

Has it really been two months since I last posted? Time flies when you're having fun! I've had a lot of trips and activities going on for the past few months. I took a weekend trip to New Mexico to see one of my best friend's graduate. He invited me to come up and party with them so I jumped on the opportunity! I drove 9 hours just to get there. His family has been good friends with us since Ethan and I were in kindergarten. It really was a blessing to be able to go and spend time with all of them.
Ethan and I at his graduation.
A month later, I was on my way down to Dallas! My best friend Alyssa has an internship down there this summer. I went down to spend the weekend with her for her birthday! Couldn't have her spending it alone! We did so many things, it was crazy. Trying Moroccan food, exploring the downtown area, hitting up the farmer's market, going to the Art Museum, and riding an old school trolley, were only a few of the highlights. I really loved it! The amount of fun we had, is probably illegal. :)
On the trolley. Happy Birthday Alyssa!
Another one of my best friends had a baby shower in June for her little girl. I couldn't be more excited for my "niece" to make her debut! The grand party was hosted at a lovely little cottage on a lavender farm. The whole thing was so adorably perfect. I am so very happy for Reghan in the starting of their cute little family! Check out her baby bump updates over her blog, Reghanland. You'll love them.
Entrance to the Baby Shower!
I'll post a few more pictures and snippets from my summer so far. I've been so blessed to have so many amazing things going on this year. From concerts to spending a grand time with "my kiddos", it certainly hasn't been boring. 
I took my brothers and one of my kiddos to the zoo. I found a little friend while I was there.

Bowling with my MamMaw, cousins, and all three of my kiddos. It was so fun!
Also, my MamMaw and cousin Danielle are too cute!

Vampire Weekend concert that I went to with my friend Nick. It was such an unbelievably great concert! I love these guys.

Morning porch snuggles with my old kitty. He's too precious so I had to add this on. :) 
Well I think that just about does it for catching up, other than.. I've got a man! I'm dating a pretty swell guy who has been a great friend for quite awhile now. He's a gentleman and I'm sure I'll be bragging on him more in the future. ;) Hope I didn't bore you too much with this post and that everyone's summer has been blessed! Until next time.

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