Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life Gets Crazy

Hello everyone! I'm back! I would like to say I took a vacation for the summer.. but then that would be lying. My summer was super busy.

 First, I'm sure everyone heard about the tornadoes in Oklahoma a few months back. The community where my church is, was hit really hard. Lakeview became a Tornado Relief Center. I did a lot of work up there over the course of it all. My kind mother was up there almost every day serving food to every person that walked in the door. Her heart is so beautiful.

I was also taking care of "my kiddos" quite a bit with school being out. They certainly brightened up my summer! Every day is a new and exciting adventure with them. I'm so blessed to be a part of their lives!
Snow cone from when I took the kiddos to the pool.
I did the Color Me Rad 5k! I had the event written on my to-do list for the year and I followed through. I'm not much of a runner (yet) but it was still a blast! Mom and I went with a group of ladies from our church. There were so many runners in crazy costumes. I got a little color on me but I wasn't covered in it like some people. Afterwards, we ate at Toby Keith's and aquired some strange looks.

The finish line!
After the race.
I did some cakes here and there. One was super stressful but turned out beautifully. It was all fondant and for a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.

My younger brother moved out and is now engaged! (I'm feeling really old right about now.) The wedding is November 2nd and I get to be a bridesmaid. I'm so excited!

I went on a trip to Dallas with my best friend and her brother for a concert in June. IT WAS AMAZING! Say Anything and Eisley were the headliners. If you haven't listened to some of their music, you are missing out. We were probably the last ones to leave but got to talk to several band members. The late night was totally worth it and they were totally cool.
Eisley on stage.
I turned 22 back in August and I gotta say, it's treating me well. Also, Taylor Swift's song does not accurately portray what being 22 is like. Not my life as a 22 year old anyway. My itinerary for the day was pretty full. I opened presents with my family in the morning and ate the traditional blueberry breakfast cake. Season 1 of Adventure Time and a bike rack for my car were my gift highlights. For lunch, I went to the Tea Room for Jane Austen Day with my mother, Aunt Marcie, and MamMaw. (Which, if you know me, is totally perfect.) We dressed all nice and wore hats. The atmosphere was so elegant that it made me giddy. I went back to my grandparent's house and unwrapped the most beautiful record player. It plays everything! Alyssa and I enjoyed some snow cones before going shopping. After that, I went up to Bricktown with Reghan for a night on the town. I gotta say, we were looking goooooood! We walked around, ate some tapas at Bolero, met up with my brother, and chatted for a while. My day was so extremely blessed by my family and friends.
Blurry picture my Mom took while we were at the tea room for my birthday.
I feel like I've kind of caught up a bit. I will not even TRY to make up on Music Monday posts so just be looking for a new one on Monday. I'm sort of renewing this whole blogging thing. There may be some new direction coming to this little blog of mine. I'm gonna do me and post whatever comes to mind.

On a related subject, my best friend Reghan started up a blog; Go check it out or you will be sorry. I'm not threatening you, promise. You will just be missing out on something incredible that you're bound to love.

I think that's it for now. Life sure gets crazy! I've definitely rambled on long enough. Hope everyone has a blessed week!


  1. Wow I didn't know you were in a race!! How fantastic is that?! I bet that color thing was fun!


    1. It was so much fun! I plan on doing it next year too!