Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things I've Realized Lately

With a new year coming up and this past one coming to a close, I've been thinking A LOT lately. Saying this past year was much better than the one before is an understatement. This year has made me grow in so many ways and I have to admit, I'm starting to really like the person I'm becoming. I'm still a work in progress but I always will be. One step at a time! So without further ado, my light bulb realizations:
I have too many clothes and not enough closet space. I really am a coffee addict. I have a thing for hipsters and I'm becoming more of a hipster myself. I don't say "I love you" enough to my family and friends. Not to sweat the small things cause God works everything out. I will never settle for a man that doesn't respect and love me as much as I love him. I am a crazy cat lady (Sylvester has been dressed up in shirts and sweaters lately). I don't read enough. Or exercise enough for that matter. A nice working car is a huge blessing. I'm becoming a homebody cause I just want some time to breathe here and there. I am talented in so many ways. Especially at the ones I used to say, "Eh I'm okay at it, I guess." to. Big rings are awesome to accessorize with. I'm cheap and bargains rule my shopping tendencies. Yes I am a OneDirectioner. I'm sometimes afraid to stand up for myself and so on occasion, that leads to me being walked on (this is changing!). I always look behind the shower curtain in bathrooms. I'm lucky to have the parents I do. I want to take photos of EVERYTHING. I'm not as OCD as I used to be. I could live off hummus and warm pita bread. Never to go to any hairstylist other than my own. The world revolves around the sun and not me. My room is never going to be warm enough since I'm always cold in there. Leverage is an addicting TV show. I can use my time in more productive ways to do more in a day.

Honestly, I could list a lot more and I might come back later to edit some others in. You never know! I'm becoming much more self aware and I like that. Love it even! "I'm on the up and up. And I'm not giving up on what I know I'm capable of." Great and wise words from one of my favorite bands, Relient K. I now know that I'm super capable of all kinds of amazing things :).

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