Monday, November 12, 2012

My Dears, Maggie's Story

Maggie loves snuggles and I love her (and silly faces)
This is my dear bird dog, Maggie. She's my rescue. I found her a few days after New Years 2009, just skin and bones. I was taking care of my kiddos when she showed up at their house, begging for food. They couldn't keep her, so of course she came home with me. Maggie took a lot of love and care to nourish back to health. Besides being just skin and bones, she was scared of people. Obviously beaten and abused, she would crawl on the ground and cower when I went to pet her. It took several months of being fed hearty food, loving attention, and caring words to get back to being a happy, care-free dog. Now, you wouldn't even think she was that way once upon a time! Maggie is one of the sweetest, most energetic dogs I've ever seen. She holds a very special place in my heart and brings smiles to my face everyday. I urge everyone to treat their pets right. And maybe think about bringing home a rescue and giving them the love they deserve. It's such a rewarding and heart warming feeling. I know I'm certainly glad Maggie and I found each other.

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