Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memories I Cherish

     Hello all! I can't believe it's been since July that I last posted. I do hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I certainly did! As for my blogging, so much tends to swamp my life and I always think, "I'll post tomorrow." But of course that turns into the next day, then the next week, and then of course the next month or months. Thus the reason I am just now posting again at the end of November. If you can't tell, I've gotten into the horrible habit of procrastinating and being lazy. Gasp! I know. I know. I should be doing more. Trust me, I'm getting there. After the year I had, it's just gonna take a bit for me to do more as a habit. But I will tell you all that in another post.
     What I really want to talk about is memories that I get around this time of year. The memories that I have of my Grandmothers and others that have moved on to be with God. As some of you may or may not know, I lost my Great Grandma Lofton last September. This time of year, was Grandma's time of year. She always brought the cranberry jam, chicken and dumplings, and angel food cake to Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was an outstanding cook. Family was such a big thing to her. We were all her blessings. I would usually sit in the living room to chat with her at Papa and MamMaw's house. I could listen to her talk about things for hours. She told me once about how Great Grandpa was the boy next door and she ignored him for a long time. Eventually they fell for each other and Grandma said that Grandpa had to chase her daddy around the house to ask him if he could marry her. Haha. I can still see her chuckling about it as she was telling me. When I was little, I would bring my sewing kit over to her house and sit at her feet. She taught me how to sew certain things and crochet (not pronounced croch-et by the way). We would make things and she would hang them on her refrigerator. That thing was covered with our art work. She would spend her whole year crocheting and sewing pot holders, wash clothes, and so many other things for everyone. I always enjoyed opening her present. I had gotten everything from barbie clothes to pillow cases, all of it made by her diligent hands. I hold them dear to my heart.
     My Granny was the same way. A Godly woman that loved her family. I have precious memories of her too. While she died when I was younger, I remember so many things about her. She always had toys for us and she would get in the floor and play with us. They lived on a good amount of land filled with trees in the back and a pond. Granny would take us on nature walks and taught us the "cheating way" to fish. Little robin's eggs would fall from their tall trees and she would bring me them in ring boxes. We always sat by her in church and she would give us big red bubble gum. I always thought the gum was "spicy" but I always chewed it anyway. She caught lizards with me and finally caught me getting cookies out of the cow cookie jar. Haha. I thought I had her fooled. One time she cooked us green eggs and ham, then read us the book to go with it. We thought it was so cool that we got to eat green eggs. Thanksgiving and Christmas were also a big thing to her. She made the best food and always decorated the tree beautifully. I loved the twinkle in her eye when she smiled or laughed. I can still picture it all in my mind. I found out only recently that before she died of cancer, she said she had to see her Kora before she went to be with God. They brought me into her room and she kissed me goodbye. It wasn't long after seeing me and telling everyone to meet her in heaven, that she went to be with him. You can only imagine how touched I was and how inspired I am.
      The fact is that I miss so many people, but especially them this time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time to really be thankful. I am forever grateful for how they blessed and graced my life. If you want to know two of my role models, they are at the top of the list. Both of them truly loved their family, spouses, and God. They always went above and beyond the call. I learned so much from them and I am so blessed to have had them as my Grandmothers. Am I sad they aren't here with me now? Yes. But I know I will see them again when he calls me to be with him. But until then, I cherish the memories that they blessed me with.

Grace and Blessings

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